While answering for the needs of organisations, we have elaborated a developmental, audio-visual and substantial e-training on Security Awareness for employees from the entire organisation – available on the e-learning platform.


Our proposal allows for educating each employee how to function in a secure manner in the technological environment, and safeguards the organisation against data loss and data theft.


In the era of the intensified IT implementation it is just an employee who is the “weakest link” and he/she is a subject of various kinds of the sociotechnical attacks which lead to the computer crimes. Therefore a permanent improvement of the employee awareness within a scope of secure using of the computers, Internet and mobile devices should be one of the most important elements of the security policy in every organisation.


Whom is this e-training dedicated to:


  Public sector, private sector.

  Employees of each organisational level, who use computers, smartphones, tablets and the other ICT devices.

  Management staff and persons responsible in the company for an organisation of data security.


A goal of the e-training:


  Presenting to a management staff and employees of the entire organisation the most frequently met threads and methods of preventing  

    from them.

  Explaining in what manner little errors can result in significant losses for the organisation.

  Increasing a level of awareness of the participants with regard to occurring threads for information in the organisation.

  Discussing new strategies of information exchange in the organisation and their implementation.

  Increasing caution of the employees and explaining real consequences of not observing security rules.

  An image protection which ensures a relaxed night’s sleep of the Management Board and a prestige for the organisation.


E-TRAINING substantive preparation by UNISECO Security Officers, refers to most vital aspects:


Lesson 1   Information security – introduction

Lesson 2   What is phishing and how is it used to attack a user?

Lesson 3   Internet – principles of secure surfing the web sites.

Lesson 4   Social media – a thread or rather also an opportunity?

Lesson 5   Electronic mail – terms of use and restrictions.

Lesson 6   "Open sesame", that is all about passwords.

Lesson 7   Sociotechnics – that is why you do not need to break passwords when you can ask a user to provide them.

Lesson 8   How a mobile equipment should be properly secured.

Lesson 9   Secured electronic payments.

Lesson 10 Ransomware – what is it about and why is it that crucial issue? 

Lesson 11 Physical precautions regarding documentation, IT equipment and spaces.



Demo of e-training titled: „What is phishing and how is it used to attack a user?”  is available on: http://uniseco.eprimus.com.pl./  



Najbardziej pożądane przez każdą organizację.

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